Coupling Agents

Developing knowledge and complication of human’s requirements drew polymer specialists’ attention to importance of using different fillers and blends for producing various polymer compounds and composites. These compounds help to enhance the properties of polymer products by combining the properties of different fillers with polymers used in industries. Simultaneous use of polymers of various natures has also helped to eliminate the limitations and significantly improved the weaknesses of pure materials.

In fact, taking advantage of the presence of materials with special performance in polymer products and the production of various composites and alloys helps to develop various properties and improve the quality of products. The nature of composite and blends’ components are highly different; for instance, polyolefins have non-polar structure, while fillers and engineering polymers have polar structure. So, their compatibility and interaction is poor. As a result, the composite does not show the expected properties of the polymer or polymer combination with the filler. Therefore, it is necessary to think of a mechanism to increase the compatibility of different compounds to achieve the desired properties and characteristics.

Compatibilizers or Coupling Agents are functional materials for improving the compatibility of different fillers with polymers and also between different polymers, due to their dual nature, polarity/non-polarity. So, they improve the physical and mechanical properties, enhance dyeability and other properties of compounds. For example, improving the properties of calcium carbonate masterbatch, increasing impact strength of glass fiber filled composites, increasing the quality of polyamide compound, and better mixing with biodegradable polymers such as starch are some of the advantages of using these products.

having full and specialized knowledge in this field, Aria Polymer Pishgam Company has designed and manufactured the formulations of maleic anhydride functionalized polymeric coupling agents with special characteristics and very good quality in order for polymer compound producers to improve the properties and quality of different products.